Import business

Business overview

In order to meet the demand of domestic consumers on different levels,we have offered a wide-ranging import fruits supply for years.Those fruits are from orchards of dozens of countries all over the world,such as Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, United States, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam.In addition ,Bananas import from Philippines and Ecuador orchard .and import meats from Australia ,Argentina etc..These places are where pests are kept out because of high mountains, great oceans, with professional experienced managing team, with natural fertilizers, but just without pesticide pollution. 

We have overseas partners having solid relationships with us, can make sure high quality and competitiveprice.In domestic markets,we have four sales teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,Shandong.  

Our main fruits: bananas,cherries, grapes, blue berries, citrus(oranges and mandarin), dragon fruit, all kinds of high-grade apple, avocado, durian, kiwi fruit, longan, pineapple ,meats and so on.