Import business

Import fruits

The annual import volumes are more than 3000 Tons.

And the plan to 2020 annual import volumes are more than 10000 Tons .

Countries :Vietnam, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, South Africa, the United States, Egypt, Australia, etc.

Fruits:Dragon fruit, grape, cherries, navel orange, apple, etc

Sales area 

Grade 1market:Shanghai,Guangzhou,Beijing;

Grade2 market:Shandong,Shenyang,Zhengzhou,etc.

The booth layout:

Currently we have the two booth of investment cooperation in Shanghai hui exhibition market ;in Beijing Xinfadi market, there is a booth of investment cooperation ;in zhengzhou we have our own sales booth.By 2020, all major markets in China will have our own sales booths, which will be guarantee our sales.