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Talent view

all rivers run into sea ,all over the word ,introducing high level talents
put the right people in right position
to have a striver,everyone play a good value
rather than race horses
Establish the Haijiang entrepreneur group

At present,the company employees 120 people,college degree or above accounted 90%,insufficient staff average age is less than 29 years old,is a high quality young team. We are the member of Jining talent market,58 city net,Qilu talent net for a long time. Full introduction the high level talents.

All new employees shall be paid training,as well as be familiar with the company development history, corporate culture, current situation , future development and the management system. They should master the basic business etiquette, social etiquette, financial knowledge, product knowledge, sales skills, business mode and management mode. They should be familiar with the company’s development strategy planning, annual working train of thought and mission objectives. We organize regular various professional skills training of sales,procurement,logistics,financial management and high efficiency office management. Every year, we hire professional training institutions to carry out all kinds of high skills training for manager at all levels.

Our company provide competitive salary and welfare treatment in industry and region,and the wages are among the best in the industry. Company to provide long-term foreign employees generous welfare benefits:accommodition or accommodion allowance and high travel allowance.Entire staff enjoy endowment insurance,health insurance,birth insurance and insurance of injury at work. Company implement advanced performance management mode and performance related pay.Each employee is proportional to the contribution of income and get the year-end extra bonses. Through the performanc management mode, each employee has a goal, does assessment every month,has an increase year after year. Such an approach increases the income of the staff, improves their performance and trains a large number of talents. Every year to honor the employee’s contribution to the company, we select ‘excellent  staff  ’’excellent managers ’’ best service models ’’ best new empLoyees’’ the most valuable employees’ and so on,then we weigh award for the outstanding staff. These  practices improve the staff’s work entusiasm.

if you have a dream and could hard struggle for a long time,please join us!

Growing Haijiang is willing to work with every person with lofty ideals and win-win future.